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Unlimited Work
Instant Translation is responsible for providing real time translation for a growing number of global businesses and websites. We can therefore offer you a continual stream of translation projects.
Unlimited Earnings
With as many translation projects as you would like, Instant Translation gives you the opportunity to earn as much of an income as you would like. Once registered, just log in to your account and start earning!
With Instant Translation you have the flexibility to fit translating and earning around your lifestyle or existing commitments. Whenever you are free to translate, you can just log in to your account and start translating.
Saved Time
Instant Translation saves you from having to waste time searching/bidding for translation projects or from having to chase clients for unpaid fees. We provide you with all the work you need and also pay you directly – leaving you to concentrate solely on translating.
What is Instant Translation?
Instant Translation is a real - time translation service that provides professional high quality translations through a global network of freelance translators.
Where do the translation projects come from?
Instant Translation gets its translation projects from businesses or websites that are using the Instant Translation API to automate and speed up the translation process. These businesses or websites pass us volume translation projects that we allocate to our translators.
Why should I join as a translator?
Instant Translation lets translators focus on translating and earning whilst we concentrate on supplying the projects. Instant Translation also pays translators directly meaning that your income is guaranteed and you do not need to chase clients for any fees that are due. In short, translators can earn as much as they like and fit translating around the lifestyle they wish to live.
Who can join as a translator?
We welcome applications from translators with a relevant academic and vocational background. After you register, we will verify your educational and vocational experience and we may also ask you to pass our professional translation tests.
How much can I earn?
Instant Translation lets you choose how much you wish to be paid based on your language combination and skill (up to a maximum amount). Our allocation system allocates translation projects based on the price you wish to charge as well as other factors such as your track record and your feedback score. The more competitive your fees are and the better your feedback the more you will be able to earn.
What is an expert translator?
Instant Translation offers our clients expertise translation in a number of fields. We charge our clients a higher rate for expert translation. We let you choose how much you wish to charge for expert translations (up to a maximum amount). If you are an expert in a particular field, you should specify this in the application process. You may need to pass our certification process before we give you expert status.
How does a client approve a translation project?
A client has seven days within which to notify us that the project you have translated has been accepted by them. If a client does not respond we automatically assume that the project has been accepted after this time.
When will I receive payment for the translation work?
Whenever you translate a project, funds are credited to your Instant Translation account. You can make a request at any time to clear your balance provided the amount being withdrawn is not less than $25.
How do I know how much a project will earn me?
Before you accept a translation project we will tell you the nature of the project, the number of source words and how much the project will earn you. You can then decide whether you wish to accept or decline the project.
What if I am unable to complete a translation project on time?
IT only pays for completed projects that have been accepted. If you accept a project and are subsequently unable to complete it, we will need to reallocate the project to another translator and we may have to pay more for it to be completed within the original timescale. We therefore are unable to pay for projects that have not been completed.
Are your translator rates negotiable?
Our translator rates are based on the needs of both our clients and translators. We believe we have the right mix of affordability for clients, and the ability to earn an excellent income for translators. Also remember that our translators do not need to waste any time bidding for projects or chasing clients for overdue fees – they can spend 100% of their time translating and earning.
How am I paid?
We pay all our translators via PayPal. If PayPal is not available in your country please contact us to see if an alternative is available for your country.

How does instant translation work?
Instant Translation is used by a growing number of businesses and international websites. Many of these clients are using the Instant Translation API to automate and speed up the translation process for their business or their clients. Instant Translation receives volume translation projects sent by our clients and automatically assigns it to our translators. Once the translation is completed the work is sent back to our clients for review.
What is the translation process?
The translation process is simple and automated. A client sends Instant Translation a translation project. Instant Translation will allocate the project to the most relevant translator. The translator will complete the project and submit it. Instant Translation will then send it back to the client for approval. Once approved, the translator’s account is credited with the appropriate fee.
How do I get a translation project?
In order to ensure our translation projects are completed in the shortest possible time we contact several translators whenever we receive a project. When you receive notification of a new project, you have to log in to your Instant Translation account and click on the “Translate” button. You will be allocated projects based on your language skills and ranking.
Enter text to translate
When we receive a translation project we notify all translators whose profile matches the translation project. This ensures that the project starts in the shortest possible time. The first translator to log in to their Instant Translation account to receive the project will be awarded the project.
How do you monitor projects in progress?
Our clients expect a fast turnaround of their projects so we provide a countdown timer that shows when the project is due to be finished. The Instant Translation system also requires updates from our translators at specified times during the project so that we are able to monitor your progress and warn you if you are likely to miss the deadline. If you do not submit the project on time it could be re - opened for other translators and you will not be paid for the project.
What if I cannot complete the work on time?
You should only accept a project if you are able to complete it within the specified time. However, if you are not able to complete a project on time you may ask the client for more time. In most cases, this will not be a problem.
What happens once I have completed the translation?
Once you have completed the translation the project goes back to the client for review and approval. The client may ask you to make corrections or clarifications which you must complete. Once the client approves the work we will credit your account with the fee.
What are translator ratings?
Instant Translation’s focus is on providing high quality translations and service. At the time of approving your application we will award you with a rating. This rating can go up or down depending on a number of factors which include:
    1) The number of translations you complete.
    2) Feedback ratings from our clients.
    3) The number of times you decline a project.
    4) The number of times you do not meet a completion deadline.
The higher your rating is, the higher your priority becomes when our system allocates projects
How does the client feedback system work?
When a client receives a completed translation project we ask for their feedback on a number of key areas including:
    1) Speed of service
    2) Quality of service
    3) Level of communication
    4) Accuracy of translation
Depending on the feedback you get from clients, your rating, and hence your ability to get new projects, may increase or decrease.
How much time is allocated?
Instant Translation allows a professional translator 1 hour to translate 200 words. We also assume a working day is 8 hours. Our system uses these values when allocating the time allowed for a project.
How do I communicate with the client?
You may only communicate with clients using the Instant Translation messaging system. We make this mandatory because in the event of a dispute, we will need access to the complete communication log to understand and resolve the dispute. Any communication outside of our messaging system (i.e. emails, IM) is therefore strictly prohibited and will lead to your removal as a translator
Can I decline a project?
Yes our system lets you choose whether or not you wish to accept a project. However, if you continually decline projects your rating will be affected, which in turn will affect your ability to get future projects.
What if the client is not satisfied with the result?
You will be given an opportunity to make corrections to your work within a limited timeframe. If the client is still not satisfied, the project may be re - opened for other translators. If you dispute what the client is saying, you can ask us to examine the case in more detail.
Can I use machine translation?
Use of machine translation of any kind is strictly prohibited and any translator found using machine translation will be banned immediately. They will also lose any credits in their account.